The Testimony of the Evangelists

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Author: Simon Greenleaf
Paperback Book
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Topic: Apologetic

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How would the Gospels be regarded if they were submitted as evidence in a court of law? This fascinating question forms the basis for Simon Greenleaf’s classic study of the rules of legal evidence as applied to the New Testament accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus. As Dane Professor of Law at Harvard University, Simon Greenleaf produced “the greatest single authority on evidence in the entire literature of legal procedure” (Knott, The Dictionary of American Biography). Applying the same rules of evidence administered in courts of justice, Greenleaf demonstrates the validity of the Gospels as trustworthy and authoritative historical accounts. A time-honored work in substantiating the relevance and reliability of the Gospel records, The Testimony of the Evangelists has been rediscovered by succeeding generations as an effective apologetics tool for a skeptically-minded culture.

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