The Weight of Glory

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The classic Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis, the most important Christian writer of the 20th century, contains nine sermons delivered by Lewis during World War Two. The nine addresses in Weight of Glory offer guidance, inspiration, and a compassionate apologetic for the Christian faith during a time of great doubt.

****By offering this resource, we do not intend to convey universal endorsement of all of Lewis’s ideas. Our aim, rather, is to provoke deeper and broader thinking about issues of importance to many seekers as well as Christians from different traditions, backgrounds, and intellectual dispositions, whether or not we always agree.****

****For example, where Lewis sees legend rather than historical fact (e.g., Noah’s Ark), he discloses a hermeneutical perspective contrary to the vast majority of church history and the best available evidence. And on topics such as evolution, one might wish for less ambiguity, given the variety of ways this can be interpreted.****

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