Whose Ethics? Whose Morals?

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Publisher: Christian Research Institute

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As in the days of the Bible’s Judges, “Everyone is doing what’s right in their own eyes” sums up the spirit of our own age. People form their own personal code of ethics, and the very talk of moral absolutes—that moral law is universally binding on all people at all times—invokes a militant response: “Right and wrong is a matter of opinion, what’s right for you may not be right for me, so don’t impose your values on me!” Should this trend of moral relativism prevail, the very foundations of civilization will crumble. Thus, Christians must become equipped to address foundational ethical issues, which is why Hank Hanegraaff has drawn from the best of the Christian Research Institute’s resources on ethics in Whose Ethics? Whose Morals?—Volume 2 in The Best of the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL series.

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