March, 2017 Archive

What is the Mystery Mentioned in Romans 16:25?

Can you explain the mystery Paul talks about; is he talking about the rapture?, 1-888-7000-CRI

Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

What is your opinion of Paul’s thorn in the flesh? What does Paul mean when he says he pleaded with the Lord to remove it?, 1-888-7000-CRI

How Can Hell Be Separation If God Is Omnipresent?

If God is omnipresent, how can hell be separation from the presence of God?, 1-888-7000-CRI

Christ’s Date of Birth

Who said Jesus was born on December 25th? Where does the Bible says this?, 1-888-7000-CRI

Evangelism and Illiberal Intolerance

In a liberal college atmosphere, what would be your advice for being honest about your faith without offending people?, 1-888-7000-CRI

The Pool of Bethesda and the Difference Between Soul and Spirit

In John chapter 5, is the story about the water being stirred at the pool of Bethesda, superstition? How would you define the difference between the soul and spirit?, 1-888-7000-CRI

How Do We Know God Really Spoke to People in the Old Testament?

How do we know the Old Testament is not just ordinary history; how do we know God was really speaking to them?, 1-888-7000-CRI