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Is It Reasonable to Believe That Scales Evolved into Feathers?

A primary evolutionary contention is that, in the course of merely millions of years, reptilian scales became more and more like feathers until, one day, the perfect feather emerged. Is this reasonable or ridiculous? First, as science advances, it has brought to light an unanticipated world of enormous complexity that requires the evolutionist to take […]

Is Pro-Avis a Missing Link Between Lizards and Birds?

A few years after Harvard’s Stephen Jay Gould ruled out Archaeopteryx a s a missing link, Yale’s John Ostrom proposed Pro-avis. Is Pro-avis a function of science or just science fiction? First, unlike Archaeopteryx, no fossil evidence exists for Pro-avis. Eminent paleontologist Dr. John Ostrom, credited for revolutionizing modern understanding of dinosaurs, simply pictured a […]

Is There a Biblical Distinction Between Dinosaurs and Dragons?

Young-earth creationists* often argue that the Bible is full of references to dinosaurs. Nineteenth-century English paleontologist Sir Richard Owen did not coin the word dinosaur (“terrible lizard”) until 1841, thus the King James Version erroneously substituted the word dragon for dinosaur. Had the word been coined prior to 1611, passages such as Isaiah 27:1 and […]

Are Behemoth and Leviathan Dinosaurs?

Behemoth (Job 40) and Leviathan (Job 41) are frequently referenced as evidence that the patriarch Job lived alongside such dinosaurs as brachiosaurus and kronosaurus. Is this fact or fiction? First, it is important to recognize that Job serves as a literary polemic*, a written indictment, against the gods of ancient Near Eastern mythology. Not only […]