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Q&A: The Long Ending of Mark, Worldwide Flood, and Hatred

On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast Hank answers questions on the following topics: I am an atheist and I know many good people. Is it true that according to Scripture a person must have a God given morality to be a good person? Why does the NIV say Mark 16:9-20 is not included in the […]

Does Genesis Confirm the Reality of a Global Flood?

Even a cursory Google search makes plain that the Genesis account of the Flood is one of the favorite targets of those who do not believe the Bible. “If the Flood covered the mountains,” they sneer, “it would put sea level at 29,055 feet, where everything on the ark would have frozen to death and […]

Hank Hanegraaff with Elliot Miller

On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast Hank welcomes Editor-in-Chief of the Christian Research Journal, Elliot Miller as they discuss the current issue of the Journal and answer questions on the following topics: How would you respond to somebody who said Joseph Smith was martyred? Do you have resources that prove evolution is untrue? Was Noah’s […]