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Cain and Abel, and Q&A

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:   Hank’s Prologue: Hank answers a question he’s often asked about why God accepted Abel’s offering but not Cain’s. While condemning giving to get something in return, Hank demonstrates that giving is ultimately an attitude of the heart. Questions and Answers: I have struggled throughout my […]

Questions and Answers with Hank

Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics: Hank’s Monologue: Hank quotes from David Platt’s book, Follow Me concerning the Great Commission and the mandate to follow the Lord’s command to make disciples of all nations. Questions and Answers: Is Kent Hovind a sound biblical teacher? Is Hebrews 10:26 speaking of losing your salvation? […]

Forerunner Eschatology

Synopsis As we enter the turbulent years of the twenty-first century, there seems to be a growing fixation throughout the church with numerous end-time preachers. Mike Bickle, the founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, is positioning himself to become an end-time specialist to thousands of Christian young adults worldwide. He preaches […]

Web 2.0

For many of us, the Internet still means checking our email. If we’re adventurous, we might purchase a birthday gift on Amazon™, view some family pictures on Photo Bucket™, or visit the church Web site for some event details—but let’s not get carried away. Now what happens to your brain when you read the following? […]

What happens to a person who has never heard of Jesus?

One of the most frequently asked questions on the Bible Answer Man broadcast is “What happens to those who have never heard of Jesus?” Will God condemn people to hell for not believing in someone they have never heard of? First, people are not condemned to hell for not believing in Jesus. Rather they are […]

The Folly of Denying God

Beyond a doubt, the most significant question to ever penetrate the human mind is that of the existence of God. More consequences for humanity hinge on the denial or affirmation of God’s existence than any other issue. Countless numbers of Christian families have sent their children off to schools across America only to see them […]