Volume 35:Issue 3

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04 From the Editor
Journal Feature Articles: Increased Quantity, Sustained Quality

06 Jehovah’s Witnesses and John 1:1: New Evidence Advances the Discussion
by Brian J. Wright and Tim Ricchuiti
Today’s Religious Movements: Many Jehovah’s Witnesses are publicizing new manuscript evidence—a Sahidic Coptic translation of the New Testament from the second to fourth centuries—that they claim supports their preferred rendition of John 1:1c: “and the Word was a god.” Are they correct? A feature-length Effective Evangelism

14 Practical Hermeneutics
Making Sense of Ezekiel’s Temple Vision

16 Is Legislating Morality Biblical? A Thoughtful Christian Discussion and Debate
by Frank Turek and Eric Schansberg
Doctrinal Discernment/Critical Thinking: Whether your politics are on the right, the left, or somewhere in between, there is a more fundamental question to answer before deciding how to vote: Are Christians called to use the political process to enshrine biblical morality into law? A feature-length Viewpoint debate, including rebuttals

26 Mormonism: Christian, Cult, or ???
by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson
Today’s Religious Movements/Doctrinal Discernment: With Mitt Romney the uncontested Republican candidate for president, the religious standing of Mormonism has become a national conversation. Mormons are exploiting the discussion to promote public acceptance of their faith as Christian, but Christians can use it to further clarify the critical differences between the two faiths

32 The Bibliographical Test Updated
by Clay Jones
General Apologetics: For more than a generation Christian apologists have demonstrated the reliability of New Testament manuscript copies by comparing their number and dating to those of other well-accepted ancient documents. This “bibliographical test” remains a good approach, as long as Christians update their data to reflect recent non-Christian manuscript copy finds

38 How Jack Kerouac Shaped the Life Script of Today’s Millennial Generation
by Mark Sayers
Cultural Discernment: Soon to be released as a feature film, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road introduced a potent symbol into the contemporary mind. As time has passed, Kerouac’s symbol of the road has gained traction for a culture that is increasingly transient and disconnected

42 Why Apologetics Has a Bad Name
by Sean McDowell
General Apologetics: Apologetics is both biblically based and desperately needed in the church today, and yet many younger leaders resist it. Why? The problem lies both with some of the people who practice apologetics and with misunderstandings about the apologetic task

46 Kingdom of God: Commonality and Consonance between Jesus and Paul
by Damon So
Doctrinal Discernment: Did Jesus and Paul preach two different gospels, one of the Kingdom and the other of justification? Are evangelicals experiencing a crisis of having to choose between one or the other? Or is this so-called crisis a false dilemma, based on a faulty reading of Jesus and Paul?

50 The Campaign to Embarrass Christians into Accepting Darwinism
by Casey Luskin
Scientific Apologetics: Evangelical scholars Randall J. Stephens and Karl W. Giberson lament that almost two-thirds of evangelicals are at war with science because they reject Darwinism. Yet in arguing their case they merely repeat tired, long-ago-rebutted anti-creationist fallacies incessantly employed by Darwinists

54Defiling the Undefiled
by Joe Dallas
Ethical Discernment: Mark and Grace Driscoll’s Real Marriage: The Truth about Sex, Friendship, and Life Together is largely sound and uncontroversial. But a chapter titled “Can We_____?” is arguably unsound and definitely controversial in some of the answers it gives to questions of acceptable sexual practices within marriage. A feature-length Summary Critique

58 Reviews
Richard Bauckham’s The Bible and Ecology and Living with Other Creatures…Liao Yiwu’s God is Red…Stephen Mansfield’s Where Has Oprah Taken Us?

62 Ask Hank
What’s the Key to Interpreting Ezekiel’s Prophecies?