Volume 44:Issue 3

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04 From the President: The Church: Pillar and Ground of Truth

by Hank Hanegraaff

06 Effective Evangelism:

Sharing the Gospel with People from Broken Homes by Chara Donahue

08 Is the Pope Infallible?

by Robert Spencer

Doctrinal Discernment/Historical Theology: None of the Fathers denied that St. Peter was given primacy in the church. However, there are numerous indications that the Roman Catholic doctrines of papal universal jurisdiction and infallibility are not in harmony with how the church of the first millennium understood Scripture, the papacy, and itself.

14 How Unanswered Prayer Grows Faith, Hope, and Love 

by Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

Christian Living: Unanswered prayer does not always lead to bitterness and cynicism, but once in a while it does. What can we do about it? Through faith in the Lord Jesus there are specific steps we can take to help us hear God’s profound declaration of His love for us — and in listening, our doubts fade, our hope brightens, and our capacity to love God and others expands.

20 Christ and His Bride: Why Your Pastor’s Gender Matters 

by Matthew M. Kennedy

Doctrinal Discernment/Historical Theology:  When God made the first man from the dust of the earth, forming from his body the first woman and then joining the two together as one, He was painting the portrait of His own Son and the people who would become both His body and His bride. That theme was to be embodied in every marriage and reflected in the  ministry of every pastor.

30 African Traditional Religion, Black Lives Matter, and the Prosperity Gospel

by Anne Kennedy

Today’s Religious Movements:   Sub-Saharan African cultures by and large share similar views of God, the ancestors and spirits, honor and shame, magic and witchcraft. The increasing adoption of atomized, “a la cart” rites and beliefs from African Traditional Religion by younger Americans demands that Christians understand those rites and beliefs — especially considering contemporary social issues.

36 From Beauty to the Beatific Vision: Recovering the Argument from Beauty

by Philip Tallon

Philosophical Apologetics:  Even among Christians who insist on objective morality and truth, it’s not uncommon to hear the same folks object to objective beauty. “Isn’t beauty just in the eye of the beholder?” This article unweaves the spell of subjectivism placed on us by modernity and liberates the argument for God from beauty.

44  Viewpoint

 Lessons in Salvation from Disenfranchised Grief by Nicole M. Roccas

46   Ask Hank

What’s the Difference Between Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism? and What is Wrong with Purgatory?  by Hank Hanegraaff

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