The gender revolution is in full swing, and while many celebrate it enthusiastically, others are wrestling to know if the trend is harmful or helpful. The Bible says people are created male and female, and these two different genders reflect the image of God. Also, Scripture is clear that sin has impacted every detail of creation, including our personal experiences of gender. The distress and confusion that arise from sin in our lives is real and needs true, lasting relief. Today, many advocate for gender bending and a radical new redefining of gender itself, even to the point of erasing it altogether. Many who wrestle with the sense that their gender does not match their biological sex have embraced this. The Bible offers a radically different approach in how to understand ourselves and how to find peace regarding personal gender identity. Gender struggles can’t truly be alleviated or resolved by individuals striving to sculpt a new identity for themselves based on personal preferences. The only lasting solution is to reconnect with the Creator and His design for our lives. 

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Ellen Mary Dykas about her article, “The Unending Bending of Gender: Helpful or Harmful?” 

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