There are few things more heartbreaking than watching a beloved son or daughter raised in the Christian community wander or walk away from the faith their parents faithfully demonstrated in the home as that child grew up. Wayward literally means “turned away from,” and this outward-facing posture can wreak havoc on family relationships. Parents of wayward children often struggle with feelings of helplessness, guilt, fear, worry, anger, and depression. Wayward children often feel misunderstood and isolated as they battle for independence and autonomy. The unique and tender nature of these parent/child dynamics creates challenges that are distinct from other evangelistic endeavors. So how might Christian parents (and grandparents) best witness to a wayward child?

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Nicole Howe about her article from the 44:2 issue of the Journal entitled, “Witnessing to a Wayward Child.

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