Squid Game (Netflix, 2021–) is a Netflix mega hit, as Kevin Schut writes “within the first month of its release, Netflix subscribers had logged more than one billion hours watching Squid Game and it quickly became the number one series Netflix had ever released.” It’s “another entry in the gory, dystopian genre of forced human death games, like Guns Akimbo (2019), The Hunger Games (2012), The Running Man (1987), The Most Dangerous Game (2020–), all the way back to the ancient Roman arenas, at least.” It’s content is “full of graphically depicted violence and is occasionally sexually explicit.” Should Christians engage and watch this type of content as a way to engage the good and bad of popular culture with friends and family for the sake of Christian witness and the gospel?

Find out in this spoiler-filled Postmodern Realities episode where Journal author Kevin Schut discusses his online-exclusive article, “Searching for God’s Grace in Squid Game’s Bloody Violence”.

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