Since 2016, over 30,000 homicides have occurred in Canada, at the hands of another MAID. Given secular trends, MAID (or something like it) may be coming to America as well. It stands for Medical Assistance in Dying and it allows physicians to euthanize people, thousands of people made in the image of God. This is a Canadian medical protocol, which went into effect in June of 2016 when the Parliament of Canada passed federal legislation allowing eligible Canadian adults to request medical assistance in dying.Moreover, these deaths are procured legally and by physicians. Historically, physicians have considered their calling to “do no harm” and to assist their patients in correcting illness and in being healthy. This is part of the ancient Hippocratic tradition. When physicians administer lethal doses of poison to their “patients,” something has radically gone wrong. The reasons for MAID have expanded far beyond “death with dignity” for those terminally ill. But even in these cases, it is morally wrong for someone to induce the death of another person, since that violates God’s command not to murder (Exodus 20:13).

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with JOURNAL author Doug Groothuis about his online article, “‘Murder by Medicine in Canada and the Threat to America“.

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