Christians are called to be the salt of the earth, and as such to uphold the building blocks of society. The building block of marriage was once correctly believed to be the unique, permanent, and “comprehensive union of body, mind, emotion, and soul — a proper end of which is children.” Today, the lives of children have become expendable. Think New York’s “Reproductive Health Act,” which effectively permits abortion up until the very moment of delivery. Moreover, the U.S. Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage has not only undermined the foundation of human civilization but has opened Pandora’s grizzly box. If there is no special virtue in gender-differentiated parenting, is there any magic in the number two? And why arbitrarily assign eighteen as the magical age of consent? Point is that once we abandon the biblical definition of marriage, there is virtually no limit on where unsanctified passions will lead us. Western governments mandated by God to ennoble life, promote justice, and restrain sin are instead leading the charge toward social chaos. Even toward the eradication of the gender distinctions ordained by God from the inception of human civilization. And yet the most colossal failures belong to the church itself. We are not only “losing our kids” but “our evangelism efforts are not keeping pace with population growth.” Jacob Neusner hauntingly reminds us that “civilization hangs suspended, from generation to generation, by the gossamer strand of memory. If only one cohort of mothers and fathers fails to convey to its children what it has learned from its parents, then the great chain of learning and wisdom snaps. If the guardians of human knowledge stumble only one time, in their fall collapses the whole edifice of knowledge and understanding.”

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