Episode 037: Choose Your Own Enchantment: Freedom and Conscience in What We Watch

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Episode 037: “Choose Your Own Enchantment: Freedom and Conscience in What We Watch” (Volume 40 #2, 2017) with Caleb Woodbridge

A conversation with author Caleb Woodbridge as he answers questions about freedom and conscience when consuming TV shows and films. Issues discussed include: What are some of the pitfalls that Christians fall into when deciding what to watch? What are the foundations for making wise choices? Did you grow up in a Christian family? What approach did your parents take to media consumption? Have there been stories you have enjoyed that other Christians have had a problem with? How do you recommend things that have questionable content? Do you offer a disclaimer or heads up? Or do you just let the work speak for itself? What stories have you stopped watching or reading because of conscience? How can engaging with stories help us connect with others?

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