In times past, it felt safe to hold the classical biblical viewpoint on homosexuality and even share it in public. Today, however, the smallest comment can bring a violent wave of labels and accusations from online bullies, the press, and certainly the social media public consciousness. Just ask Chick-fil-a. As Christians who take the Bible as God’s truth, what should we do? Is it the better part of wisdom to remain silent? Or should we be prepared to speak the truth in love? This may be a difficult truth that our culture hates, but we must ready ourselves nonetheless.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Matt Holland as he answers questions about his Postmodern Realities Column article including: What motivated you to write this article? Can you be gay and be a Christian? Some Christians condemn homosexuality over other sins. Are they just in doing this? Are people naturally attracted to the same sex? Is this something they choose? What should happen when a gay couple becomes Christian? Do they totally abandon their old lifestyle? Do you see a battle (culture war) between homosexuality and the church?

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