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Volume 46:Issue 1/2

Please see some of the upcoming articles for this is special themed Double Journal below.


(From the President):

The Woke Revolution by Hank Hanegraaff

Feature Articles

Gender Ideology’s Attack on Our Humanity by Jay W. Richards

Three Dogmas of Wokeism: The Path to Authoritarianism by Noelle Mering

Critical Race Theory: An Introduction and Critique  by Douglas Groothuis

“The Defense Calls to the Stand…” Defining and Meeting the Upcoming LGBTQ Challenges by Joe Dallas

The Inner and Outer Man: How Historical Christian Anthropology Addresses Transgenderism by Benjamin Cabe

The Floor Always Feels Safer: A Glance at Some Origins of the Modern Self and the Way We Live Now  by Anne Kennedy

Christian Parenting and the Peril of Public School Education by Matthew M. Kennedy

How to Keep Your Job Without Losing Your Soul: A Survival Guide for Diversity Training by John Ferrer

Dances with Wolves: When ‘Woke’ Predators Invade the Sheep Pen by Bob Perry

Plus more in From the Editor, Postmodern Realities, and Ask Hank 




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